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Posted on May 2, 2019
Last modified on May 13, 2019

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Drug rehab provides treatment programs for addiction. These programs may treat an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine and other illicit drugs.

Why Go to Rehab?

Making the decision to attend an inpatient rehab program can be daunting. Many resist the idea of attending a program away from home.

If you feel this way, consider this: what is “home” when you’re abusing alcohol or drugs? When addiction controls your life, it can be difficult to feel fully present with your family or friends. Addiction can even overwhelm your efforts to feel “normal” at any time.

For someone living with addiction, drugs and alcohol are a best friend and a worst enemy all at once. At first, substances ease the stress and pain that life can bring. But eventually, they transform into the source itself.

You may believe you need alcohol or drugs to function. In rehab, you’ll learn the truth: you do not need substances to live and thrive.

What Should You Expect in Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab treatment programs have three main goals:

  • Detox from drugs and alcohol
  • Identify the issues that lead to alcohol and drug abuse or addiction
  • Develop a plan for recovery

Addiction treatment programs use therapies to help people reach these goals. Therefore, each client receives therapy specific to their addiction. The best drug rehabs offer treatments that scientific research has proven effective. These evidence-based treatments give clients the best chance of success.

Drug rehabs centers also vary. Drug treatment centers may overlook the ocean while others provide solace in rural areas. Some centers reside in a more institutional setting. For example, hospitals and clinics house drug and treatment centers, offering room for 100 or more clients.

The drug rehab you choose depends on what works best for you. Some people feel more comfortable in a home-like setting with only a small number of clients. Others prefer a peaceful place such as The Ranch in the rolling hills of Tennessee. And some people prefer a city rehab such as The Right Step Houston.

Promises Behavioral Health Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Promises Behavioral Health rehabilitation facilities offer programs that can help at every stage of recovery. Our centers offer detox programs, inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug treatment.


Doctors advise most addicts to complete a detox program before they start addiction treatment. Detoxing from alcohol or drugs can be dangerous without this step. In these cases, it’s best to detox in a clinical setting, with the support of trained professionals. This ensures the client gets the care they need for a safe transition. The professionals can help make you comfortable during your detox. With medically supervised detox, there is less chance of relapse.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Care

An inpatient residential treatment center is best for clients who need around-the-clock care. For many people, this high level of care is essential to start recovery on the right foot. Inpatient addiction treatment clients have access to 24-7 support in a comfortable, sober environment.

Outpatient Care

Clients in outpatient rehab programs do not live at the rehab center during their treatment. Instead, they come to the center each day to attend treatment sessions. They go home and night or return to a sober-living facility.

People choose outpatient rehab for many reasons. Outpatient programs allow people to get treatment and still attend work or college. Some people want to attend a structured recovery program but don’t need inpatient treatment to progress.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Clients attend treatment sessions five days a week in partial hospitalization programs. They spend several hours each day on therapy and other activities. This is the most time-intensive outpatient option. People who choose this option often scale back work or college to attend daily sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

This kind of outpatient drug treatment is less time-intensive than partial hospitalization. It still involves spending a few hours a day in a rehab center. These programs are best suited to people who have established a strong commitment and plan for remaining sober.

Aftercare and Self-Help Groups

These groups are ideal for people who have completed an inpatient or outpatient program successfully. Aftercare and self-help groups help clients build a strong support network to stay sober in the long-term. For instance, clients can attend 12-step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Some choose a 12-step alternative such as SMART Recovery® or Refuge Recovery.

The Promises Behavioral Health Treatment Centers

Promises Behavioral Health runs drug rehab centers throughout the US. We recognize that everyone is unique and has their own needs in treatment and recovery. We’ve developed specialized programs based around evidence-backed treatments and provide customized care for every client.

Promises Behavioral Health treatment centers have programs with gender-separate as well as mixed-gender components. We offer these to help clients feel more relaxed and uninhibited in group sessions.

Clarity Way, Hanover, Pennsylvania

Clarity Way is a substance abuse and co-occurring disorders treatment center. The center is set on 15 acres of rolling hills, providing a serene environment for recovery. Clients stay in comfortable private or semi-private rooms while working through recovery. Clarity Way offers a medical detox program, and 12-step and non-12-step recovery support.

Lucida Treatment Center, Lantana, Florida

Located by the Intracoastal Waterway, Lucida offers a comfortable setting for clients. Lucida provides drug rehab and mental health programs, and support for co-occurring disorders. We also offer 12-step programs and 12-step alternatives such as SMART Recovery®.

Promises Austin, Texas

Promises Austin is an addiction rehab center that also treats co-occurring disorders. The center is on a 7-acre estate in Texas Hill Country. A low client intake ensures everyone receives plenty of personal support. Trauma often underpins the development of an addiction. For this reason, the drug and alcohol rehab program has a strong focus on treating trauma.

Promises Scottsdale, Arizona

The Promises Scottsdale treatment center treats addiction and co-occurring disorders. The center also treats primary mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and PTSD. Promises Scottsdale offers both residential and intensive outpatient treatment.

The Ranch, Nunnelly, Tennessee

The Ranch treats alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. The Ranch also treats sex addiction, and anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Clients enjoy a beautiful natural environment and unique treatments such as equine therapy.

The Ranch, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

The Ranch Pennsylvania treats drug and alcohol addiction, process addictions and co-occurring disorders. The Ranch also treats mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and trauma. This treatment center is comfortable and homey, in a peaceful setting.

The Right Step Dallas

The Right Step Dallas offers medical detox and treats addiction and co-occurring disorders. The treatment program integrates The Daring WayTM and Rising StrongTM. These programs help clients enhance their recovery by leaving shame behind.

The Right Step, Wimberly, Texas

The Right Step provides medical detox and programs for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Treatment programs include The Daring WayTM, to help clients discover their strengths. This location provides inpatient and outpatient programs, in a peaceful rural setting.

The Right Step Houston

The Right Step Houston is a comfortable, home-like suburban residential center. Like Wimberly, programs include medical detox as well as treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Treatment integrates The Daring WayTM with traditional therapy and other evidence-based approaches.

Expert Addiction Treatment from Caring and Compassionate Addiction Experts

Promises Behavioral Health treatment centers don’t offer all the same treatment. But all aim to provide a high standard of care. Our expert staff supports clients as they move forward with their recovery.

Promises Behavioral Health alcohol and drug rehab centers are located across the US. For more information about our locations and programs, call 844-875-5609.

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