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Christian drug rehab offers the best of traditional addiction treatment, bolstered by spiritual guidance and practice. Many people find that this combination greatly enhances recovery and helps guard against relapse.

Christian rehab treatment typically includes individual, group and family therapy, psycho-educational groups, relapse prevention and 12-step recovery – all from a Christian perspective. It also includes attendance at local churches, Bible study lessons, faith-centered therapy groups and participation in specific support groups with other Christians in recovery.

Benefits of Christian Rehab

Perhaps the most profound benefit of participation in Christian rehab is the opportunity to discover, continue or rekindle your faith as you begin your recovery from addiction. Reclaiming your life and reconnecting to God – the God as you know Him – is an integral part of Christian rehab.

But you don’t have to belong to any particular religious denomination, or any at all, in order to take part. Faith-based addiction treatment is right for anyone who desires a deeper spiritual connection as they begin their healing journey.

In addition to the traditional aspects of treatment, such as individual, group and family therapy, Christian rehab programs cater to the spiritual aspects of healing. The triumvirate of body, mind and spirit are fully addressed. Visits to local churches and activities that allow clients to give back to the community in the form of community service are also part of Christian rehab.

Forgiveness of self and others is another benefit as the concept is taught in an atmosphere of complete acceptance. Surrounded by others who, like you, seek to heal and grow in their spirituality, you can learn to separate the guilt, shame, failure and despair that may have held you hostage and begin to see your life without the crutch of alcohol and drugs.

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