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October 2011 Newsletter
Published by Elements Behavioral Health


Worried About A Loved One's Sobriety This Halloween? How To Keep It Alcohol-Free

Inaugural VirtualSx Interactive Panel Discussion

Frequent Co-Occurring Issues in Love Addiction

An Interview with Ross Donahue, Residential Manager

Got Drugs? Safely Get Rid of Them During the National Take-Back Initiative October 29, 2011

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Narcissism Addiction and Detachment as Tools to Emotional Survival

October 28, 2011 - Baton Rouge

This presentation provides insight into how the emotional survival of childhood abuse and neglect can evolve into adult addictions and personality disorders. The material encourages deeper empathic understanding for childhood survivors who have become emotionally challenged adults. The survivor/addicts' dissociation from healthy intimacy and frequent addictive acting out is the emphasis for discussion.

3 Great Things Every Recovering Parent Can Do To Raise Happy & Resilient Children And Teens

November 13, 2011 - Los Angeles

An open to the recovery community seminar being presented by Dr. David Sack and Dr. Shari Corbitt.

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Worried About A Loved One's Sobriety This Halloween? How To Keep It Alcohol-Free

Elements Behavioral Health | October 17, 2011

With Halloween just around the corner, it's worth a reminder that this is one time of year when a little caution and some common sense ahead of time can avoid a potential tragedy come Trick or Treat day.

Statistically speaking, depending on what city and state you live in, Halloween is the one observed holiday where more people drink and drive than any other. Halloween, in fact, trumps all other days of the year for DWI arrests, including Christmas and New Year's Eve and even St. Patrick's Day.

All the more reason to be concerned if you have a loved one or family member who likes to dress up in costume and either host a blow-out Trick or Treat party for the grown-ups or heads out to tie one on at any number of house parties or bars and taverns.

Sometimes, you just have to exert a little control over the situation and take matters into your own hands. Here are some tips on how to keep it alcohol-free this Halloween and just possibly save your loved one, and you and the family, from a tragedy.


Inaugural VirtualSx Interactive Panel Discussion

As technology, social networks, and smartphones have literally changed the way we connect and consume, Southern California-based Elements Behavioral Health has announced an interactive panel discussion called VirtualSx to address topics related to sex and intimacy in the digital age.

This invite-only event, geared towards journalists and healthcare professionals who are helping shape this important discussion in the public sphere, will take place in Hollywood at the Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday, October 20, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The event panel will draw some of today's most notable sex addiction, online dating, and sexual health experts to provide insights into this often debated, misunderstood subject.

Visit www.sexualrecovery.com to learn more.

Frequent Co-Occurring Issues in Love Addiction

Love Addiction Treatment | October 14, 2011

While each person with love addiction has his or her own unique story, there are many common themes, or co-occurring issues with love addiction. These issues often make the person more vulnerable to developing an addiction to love. Keep in mind that there are many overlapping aspects of the issues described below. For example, most individuals with borderline personality disorder experienced trauma and / or abandonment in their childhood. Both narcissists and borderlines have low-self-esteem (although narcissists usually hide it extremely well), and borderlines are often also very codependent.

If you think you are a love addict, you will likely identify with some of the issues listed here. The goal here is not to encourage a sense that you're a "victim", and hence blame your love addiction on your childhood or other factors. Rather, the goal is to give you some insight as to the patterns and dynamics that may have made you vulnerable to becoming a love addict. This insight is invaluable when it comes to recovering from love addiction.


An Interview with Ross Donahue, Residential Manager

Promises | October 17, 2011

Relapse is a common part of the disease of addiction, but it is not inevitable.

"You don't have to cycle in and out of treatment before getting well," advises Ross Donahue, the residential manager at Promises West L.A., who went through treatment five years ago and "got it" the first time. "If you give your recovery the time and attention it needs, you may only have to do this thing once."

Ross is as vulnerable to relapse as others in recovery. He is the first in a long line of family members to break the cycle of addiction, a disease that took the lives of his father and grandfather. During his 10-year drinking spree, Ross dropped out of college, was kicked out of the Navy and was arrested for five DUIs.

"I hadn't quite lost it all, but I had reached a spiritual bottom," he says. "I knew I wasn't a bad person or a criminal; I was sick and needed to get well. Going to treatment was the start of it all. I owe everything in my life to my recovery."

Learn more about Ross...

Got Drugs? Safely Get Rid of Them During the National Take-Back Initiative October 29, 2011

Lock the Cabinet | October 17, 2011

Take the Pledge to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is coming up on October 29, 2011. In honor of this event, Elements Behavioral Health - in conjunction with LockTheCabinet.com, a prescription drug abuse awareness campaign - is hosting a "Take the Pledge" contest. The first 20 people who pledge to lock their medicine cabinets will receive a free book on recognizing and treating addiction. As subscribers to the Elements newsletter, you are the first to hear about this upcoming contest. Check out the Lock The Cabinet Facebook page to find out when the contest is on!

Learn how you can do your part in preventing prescription drug abuse on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

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