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February 2012 Newsletter
Published by Elements Behavioral Health


Why Do Doctors Prescribe Addictive Drugs to Known Addicts?

Major Changes in the DSM May Help Some, Hurt Others

10 Signs that Your Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment

The Prescription Drug Epidemic Sparks Blame Game

An Interview with Dr. Ash Bhatt, Medical Director at The Recovery Place

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Piney Lodge Opens

Piney Lodge, our state-of-the-art, person-centered assessment, stabilization, and detox center, is now open. The Ranch developed this unique, caring program to provide personal attention and support to each client as they begin their journal toward recovery. We understand the difficult challenges our clients face in early recovery; many are coping with the effects of trauma, mood disorders, eating disorders, or intimacy disorders. Piney Lodge's integrative and medically managed model gives our clients a highly effective and comfortable stabilization that sets us apart from the typical detox program.

Learn more about Piney Lodge...

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Why Do Doctors Prescribe Addictive Drugs to Known Addicts?

Dr. David Sack | February 15, 2012

In 2011 a group of physicians descended on Capitol Hill to ask congress to help them fight prescription drug abuse. How? Finally require all health care professionals get real training in prescribing addictive drugs, recognizing signs of addiction, and identifying problematic patterns of use.

Most physicians receive little or no training regarding substance abuse and the use of controlled substances that have the potential for addiction. While there are many doctors who prescribe these powerful drugs responsibly, and these drugs are often critically important when used as intended (usually very short-term use or on an as-needed basis), better education will help them recognize drug-seeking behavior and train them to evaluate and refer these patients to treatment the same way they do when they see high blood sugar or blood pressure.


Major Changes in the DSM May Help Some, Hurt Others

Addiction Treatment Magazine | February 7, 2012

Why would almost 11,000 Americans write letters in protest to the American Psychiatric Association about proposed changes in a scholarly book?

The reason is that even one small change in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, sometimes called the "psychiatrists' Bible," shakes up the entire medical establishment, insurance industry, and educational community. And the new edition of the DSM, due to come out in May 2013, is full of major changes in the way doctors will diagnose and treat mental disorders, psychiatric illnesses, and addiction. Some of the proposed changes mean that insurance companies will no longer cover certain illnesses, but they will be paying for newly-recognized ones, and that public school systems may be forced to eliminate many special education services, because fewer children will be diagnosed with autism and attention deficit disorder.


10 Signs that Your Loved One Needs Addiction Treatment

Promises | February 13, 2012

There are several different types of addictions, including drug addiction, alcoholism, and gambling addiction to name a few. Each type requires specialized addiction treatment in order to help addicts overcome their addictive behavior and lead a more constructive and enjoyable life. While the symptoms may vary to some degree from one individual to the next, and from one addiction to the next, the signs of an addiction are generally quite similar.

When it comes to spotting the warning signs of addiction, keep in mind that some addicts may exhibit many or all of the signs, while others may be very good at keeping their addiction hidden.

Read 10 common signs of addictive behavior - red flags that your loved one needs addiction treatment...

The Prescription Drug Epidemic Sparks Blame Game

Dr. David Sack | February 12, 2012

Even though the U.S. government's War on Drugs started more than 40 years ago, in many ways it has been reborn in new formats. Just as the problem of illegal drug abuse has been met by law enforcement with punitive penalties for nonviolent drug offenders, the prescription drug epidemic has provoked its own type of witch hunt. Who is responsible? Who can be punished for allowing the nonmedical use of painkillers to take second place as the most prevalent form of drug use in America, even as the War on Drugs rages on?


An Interview with Dr. Ash Bhatt, Medical Director at The Recovery Place

Elements | February 10, 2012

Ashish Bhatt, MD, has the blend of knowledge, warmth and attention to detail we all look for in a doctor. He is a triple board certified physician who has diverse experience in various substance abuse and dual diagnosis programs for adults and adolescents. As his colleagues will attest, Dr. Bhatt settles for nothing less than excellence from himself and the clinicians at The Recovery Place, Elements' Florida drug rehab.

Learn more about Dr. Bhatt...

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