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April 2012 Newsletter
Published by Elements Behavioral Health


Top 5 Most Costly Addictions

Flying Solo in Recovery? How to Stay on the Right Path

Do Celebrity Role Models Promote Teen Substance Abuse?

What To Do If Giving Up Old Friends Is Hard To Do

The Social Effects of Alcoholism

A Growing Occupational Hazard: Porn Addiction

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Piney Lodge Is Open

Piney Lodge, our state-of-the-art, person-centered assessment, stabilization, and detox center, is now open. The Ranch developed this unique, caring program to provide personal attention and support to each client as they begin their journal toward recovery. Piney Lodge's integrative and medically managed model gives our clients a highly effective and comfortable stabilization that sets us apart from the typical detox program.

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Top 5 Most Costly Addictions

Addiction Treatment Magazine | April 6, 2012

Which addictions cost society the most? Hands down, the "hard addictions" take the greatest toll on our economy, according to Forbes. Of course, many addictions (take pornography and sex addictions, for example) haven't been researched extensively enough to make accurate comparisons. But of the data that do exist, Forbes found the five most expensive addictions.

Click to read the five addictions that have the greatest cost to society...

Flying Solo in Recovery? How to Stay on the Right Path

The Ranch | April 6, 2012

It's tough enough trying to stay clean and sober if you have a loving family to support you, but not all of us in recovery are so fortunate. If you're flying solo in recovery, how to stay on the right path is something that you're probably eager to know. Here, we talk about some of the ways that can make the transition a bit easier.


Do Celebrity Role Models Promote Teen Substance Abuse?

Addiction Treatment Magazine | April 5, 2012

Although they would never admit it, teenagers are easily influenced by their friends and role models. This influence can be positive - for example, when teens compete for good grades or witness others being of service to people in need - or it can be negative. Do your child's celebrity role models send a positive message or a negative one? What happens when your teen's favorite star ends up in rehab for a drug or alcohol problem?

Learn more about the role the media plays in influencing your teen...

What To Do If Giving Up Old Friends Is Hard To Do

Promises | April 12, 2012

Now that you've completed rehab and are beginning your new life in recovery, you're probably filled with information and tips on what to do and how to begin living drug- and alcohol-free.

The trouble is, as anyone who's made this transition or is attempting to do so, it isn't all that easy. In fact, for many newcomers to sobriety, the whole prospect is more than just a little scary.

Not only are there things you know you shouldn't do under any circumstances, but there's also the long and sometimes involved process of psychologically weaning yourself of substances that are addictive.

Then, of course, there's the issue of giving up your old friends. This can prove to be a deal-breaker for some individuals, those who are unwilling or think themselves incapable of severing old ties.

Here are some suggestions on what to do if giving up old friends is hard to do...

The Social Effects of Alcoholism

Promises | March 28, 2012

Alcohol is the term we use for ethanol, the substance suitable for humans to drink. Another form of alcohol is methanol and it is toxic to humans. Alcohol is the result of combining food substances like grapes or barley with sugar and yeast and allowing them to ferment. People around the globe consume alcohol in various forms and within various cultural settings. But although alcohol is used the world over, it is also commonly misused or abused. Whenever and wherever it occurs, the abuse of alcohol has deleterious effects on the abuser, those close to him/her and to the wider society.


A Growing Occupational Hazard: Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction Treatment | March 23, 2012

Porn addiction isn't a problem that manifests only on late nights in a dark, secluded room at home. It also happens in the workplace, where thousands of men and women, including high-level executives, get lost in the online world of pornography.

Now that an extraordinary variety of graphic images are available on the Internet free of charge, at all times of day, pornography has become a serious concern in workplaces around the world.


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