Mental Health is Important for Overall Physical Health

Mental health is an important focus in the medical world as it is an integral part of overall physical health. Mental health professionals tried to emphasize this point at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar on World Mental Health Day.

The Peninsula Qatar posted an article highlighting the event. Dr. Ziad Kronfol, associate professor of psychiatry at WCMC-Q, led a discussion on the relationship between depression and physical health at the World Mental Health Day event.

“Mental health disorders occur at all stages of life and in all cultures,” said Dr. Kronfol. “Depression, in particular, is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Research studies have shown that depression is a common complication of other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis or kidney disease.”

By treating co-existing depression, an individual’s overall medical condition and quality of life can be improved. Dr. Kronfol highlighted that new medications are available now that successfully treat a variety of mental conditions. At the same time, there has been great progress in psychotherapeutic treatments, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy.

“By increasing awareness of the disorder and the available treatments, we can reduce much unnecessary suffering around the world,” said Dr. Kronfol.

Patti Collins, a licensed professional counselor, discussed anxiety and its effect on performance. She noted that strategies are available to help people manage stress and reduce anxiety. Recommended strategies include healthy diet, regular exercise and plenty of sleep.

Individuals have also had success with stress and anxiety management by conducting deep abdominal breathing and replacing negative thoughts with more positive, believable thoughts.

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