What’s the advantage of working with licensed rehab therapists? Does it matter if your rehab facility is accredited? Your questions – answered.

Understanding Addictionmale patient talks to one of the licensed rehab therapists in the facility

Addiction’s a progressive brain disease. If you do nothing, it worsens. If you work with licensed rehab therapists, there’s a good chance that you can beat it into submission. That’s because addiction responds well to treatment.

Furthermore, accredited rehab therapists know how to help you. Because each client is unique, your care protocol has to be suitable just for you. It wouldn’t do to try a one-size-fits-all approach. Doing so might leave you with someone else’s rehab experience.

Addiction treatment works because it begins with an assessment of your reasons for using. What’s causing you to need the chemical crutch? For some, there are stressors beyond their control. For others, there are specific triggers from the past.

Almost all people deal with underlying mental health conditions or trauma. Sometimes, it’s both. Therefore, licensed rehab therapists have to find harmony between the different addiction therapy programs that speaks to you.

How Promises Behavioral Health Supports Its Licensed Rehab Therapists

Promises Behavioral Health has numerous accreditations. Examples include the National Institutes of Health and The Daring Way. This means that we opened our books and facility to third-party inspections. We made the recommended changes and embraced a culture of complete transparency.

As a result, we can assist rehab therapy specialists who are in the trenches with you. As they work to contain the addiction, we provide resources. The same goes for the treatment of the neurobiological care approaches they take. In fact, we have a lengthy set of possible modalities that our accredited rehab therapists might use.

Examples of modalities include:

Neurofeedback is an essential treatment approach that our clients appreciate for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s a non-invasive modality that measures and records brainwave activity. Licensed rehab therapists then teach you to recognize desirable brainwaves.

They show you how to exercise these brainwaves at will. Frequently, this involves the use of videos or video games. By exercising the brain, you can strengthen the mind and its response to drug use triggers.

In many cases, there’s the need for a change of self-talk. Right now, you might struggle with addiction and engage in negative self-talk. That’s not unusual. However, it creates a stressor that could stand between you and recovery.

Rehab therapy specialists might offer rational emotive behavioral therapy. As an offshoot of cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as dialectical behavior treatment, it works well. It can change the way you approach life’s situations. By ending negative self-talk, you put yourself in a position to adapt dysfunctional behaviors.

Enroll in Treatment Today

What could your individual care approach look like? What treatments might you respond well to when you decide it’s time to end addiction? At Promises Behavioral Health, therapists will customize a care protocol to meet your needs.

Enrolling is as simple as making a quick phone call. You talk to an intake advisor who conducts an insurance verification, which tells you what your plan pays for. Most importantly, you can set up an appointment with licensed rehab therapists for an assessment. Call Promises Behavioral Health at 844.875.5609 right now for immediate assistance.