When someone has depression or an addiction, it can be difficult to focus on favorite hobbies or pastimes. The individual may spend all of their time alone or seeking out drugs, so their mood continues to worsen. With a behavioral activation therapy program at drug addiction treatment centers, individuals are able to cope with their feelings and improve their mood.

What Is a Behavioral Activation Therapy Program?male doctor shows male patient something on clipboard in a behavioral activation therapy program

Behavioral activation is a short-term treatment that can quickly change someone’s mood. If an individual feels depressed or anxious, they are less likely to do pleasurable activities. This causes a negative spiral because the individual’s mood becomes worse and worse as they avoid enjoyable activities. In addition, isolation makes someone more likely to develop depression.

A behavioral activation therapy program works by increasing your social contacts through a system of positive rewards. At the start of each week, you figure out specific goals then spend the rest of the week meeting those goals.

You design your goals according to the type of person you would like to be. If you want to spend time outdoors and hiking, you may join a hiking group. Someone who wants to help their community may volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

How Behavioral Activation for Addiction Works

When someone has an addiction, they gradually focus more and more on getting drugs or alcohol. They start to lose interest in the people, hobbies, and events they previously loved. Once someone decides to get treatment, behavioral activation for addiction can help them return to a normal life.

Behavioral activation helps to fill up the time the individual once spent on using drugs and alcohol. It also helps to boost the individual’s mood and mental state. Through this technique, the individual is able to undo negative habits they developed during their addiction.

How Behavioral Activation for Depression Works

The main theory behind behavioral activation for depression is that someone avoids other people and activities when they have depression. Isolation can worsen symptoms, so individuals need to become engaged in activities. These activities may be things like exercising at the gym or taking a class. They can also be something as simple as taking regular showers, getting enough sleep, and making dinner.

With a behavioral activation therapy program, individuals take part in activity monitoring. They write down the activities they do each week and rate their mood for each activity. This technique helps the counselor see behavior patterns like engagement and avoidance.

Discovering Physical and Mental Wellness

If you want to achieve holistic wellness, you need a behavioral activation therapy program that treats every mental disorder at once. When people only treat their addiction, they are more likely to relapse in the future. Often, people use drugs to cope with symptoms of a mental disorder. Once the individual quits using drugs, the symptoms of their mental disorder returns.

By going to the right drug addiction treatment centers, individuals can treat co-occurring illnesses. As a result, they can remove one potential cause of relapse. Other than dual diagnosis care, the top institutions offer programs such as:

Through an individualized treatment program, clients can get the right care for an addiction or a mental illness. Whether you need a behavioral activation therapy program or alcohol detox, Promises Behavioral Health can help you on your journey. We offer a range of different services and counseling options for our clients. Hear more about our options by reaching out to us today at 844.875.5609.