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Addiction Treatment Programs

Our nationwide addiction treatment programs delve under the surface into the complex issues that contribute to addictive and self-defeating patterns. Whether you’re struggling with emotional trauma, addiction, depression or anxiety, eating disorders or intimacy disorders, we have a highly effective mental health and addiction treatment centers that addresses everything that stands between you and lifelong recovery.

Alcohol Rehab

You’ll receive comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment from alcohol detox through alcohol rehab and aftercare.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety greatly interferes with your ability to live life to its fullest. It can also contribute to addiction, eating disorders and other ways of self-medicating.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

We make sure alcohol and drug detox is safe and as comfortable as possible. Our medical team draws on the latest evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Rehab

Our compassionate, evidence-based drug rehabs help you take back your life and create the one you’ve always wanted.

Drug Rehab for Professionals

For licensed professionals, executives and high-profile clients, we offer a number of treatment options well-suited for your needs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We treat addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders simultaneously so that you heal fully.

Eating Disorder Treatment

You’ll get expert care for mental health conditions and address underlying trauma and interpersonal and sociocultural issues that can fuel disordered eating.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

We’ll help you address the underlying conditions that drive these co-occurring compulsive gambling behaviors and learn new, healthy coping skills.

Mood Disorder Treatment

Receive evidence-based treatment for depression while addressing all the ways mental illness is disrupting your life.

Non-12-Step Drug Rehab

We help you find spirituality, accountability and fellowship in recovery through whatever path best supports you.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Our outpatient drug rehabs help ease the transition back into everyday life after inpatient treatment.

Personality Disorder Treatment

Personality disorders stand in the way of living your best life, and often occur alongside addictions, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling can be helpful after experiencing any kind of loss, such as death, divorce, loss of a job or even giving up drugs or alcohol.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which several patients meet regularly to share their struggles with one another with guidance from a therapist.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapy allows people to explore and resolve sensitive personal issues with a mental health professional.

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