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shopping addiction

man with pills in hand displaying addictive behaviors

7 Common Addictive Behaviors

Addictive Behaviors It’s not just substances that can be addictive: there are also addictive behaviors. 12 step support programs can be used for both behaviors and substances, but it’s important for you to identify your addictive behavior first. Here are some common examples of these types of behavior. 1. Gambling Addictions Gambling is one of the …

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The Addictive Risks of Emotional Shopping

With the winter weather bringing nothing but cold temperatures, gray skies and more and more snow, the appeal of the brightly lit and fully stocked mall may be great. Buying that new purse or that pair of shoes that will be perfect for showing off your first pedicure of spring probably makes you feel better …

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The Dangers of Process Addictions

Addiction has long been limited to the abuse of chemical substances that leads to physical and emotional dependence. While still debated by some experts, many now agree that there are indisputable similarities between traditional substance addictions and what are called process addictions. These are addictions to any kind of activity or behavior, and do not …

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Behavioral Addictions Can Ruin Lives, Too

Behavioral addictions, also called process addictions, are often no taken seriously. Many professionals in the addiction community do not consider them to be proper addictions. These are things like compulsive eating, gambling addiction, Internet addiction and compulsive shopping. In other words, a behavioral addiction is anything that is not a chemical dependency—an addiction to drugs …

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Spending Addiction

Spending Addiction (or Shopping Addiction, Compulsive Shopping, Compulsive Spending) is a compulsive and mood-altering behavior that involves making unnecessary, emotion-driven and negatively impactful purchases. While not a distinct condition recognized medically in psychiatry, a Spending Addiction involves many of the symptoms, behaviors and dynamics found in disorders which are. Overspending and overshopping is now being considered for …

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