Woman Receives Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Promises Behavioral Health

Why Would You Choose a “Dual Diagnosis” Addiction Treatment Center?

Did you know that addiction can have surprising underlying causes? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, as many as 40% of people struggling with addiction ALSO have a mental health disorder (and that only includes those who have been diagnosed, and been done so properly). A combination of a mental disorder…

New NAMI-Faithnet Program Launches

With mental illness now affecting one in four Americans in any given year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the acronym “NAMI” (which stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness), is becoming increasingly familiar. The organization educates, equips and empowers individuals, families and communities about issues related to mental health. Now, a lesser-known but…

Lithium Curbs Suicide Rate in People With Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are a group of mental health conditions that involve dysfunctional changes in the everyday stability of mood or psychological/emotional state of mind. Well-known conditions within this group include major depression and the classic manic-depressive illness called bipolar I disorder. One of the widely used treatments for bipolar I disorder is the mood-stabilizing medication lithium.