Counselors’ Lack of Military Knowledge Dissuades Veterans from Continuing Treatment

Veterans returning from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse disorders, and other serious mental health issues are not finding enough solace from professional counseling, say experts. These veterans face a stone wall when seeking treatment as most counselors are unfamiliar with service members’ ways of life and unique experiences, resulting in the majority of…

An Interview with Margot Chambers, Acupuncturist at Promises

Holistic medicine has been part of Margot Chambers’ life since she can remember. As a child, Margot had an illness that baffled western medical doctors. Her parents, who had always embraced homeopathy, brought Margot to a holistic doctor. He advised them to eliminate all sugar, nitrates and preservatives from Margot’s diet, and she never had another seizure again. This experience, Margot says, helped shape the way she sees the process of health and healing.