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addiction recovery

Friends discussing truths about addiction

5 Truths About Addiction

As with many things in life, the recovery process is not the same for any two people. However, over the decades of research, there are many recurring themes and truths about addiction that have emerged. Whether you are a mother of someone living with addiction, sister, son or have enough self-awareness to admit that you …

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Woman outside contemplating life after addiction

After Addiction: Loss of the “Old” You

Those living with addiction may already be all-too-familiar with a sense of loss that coats their hopes and dreams and sours their relationships. Unfortunately, loss and addiction often go hand-in-hand.  What did you first want to be when you grew up? Now that you’re here, looking around at the reality you’ve made for yourself can …

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A female recovery advocate speaking to a crowd for national recovery month

What It Means to Be a Recovery Advocate

Together, We Are the Change The journey through recovery is not an easy one. Nor is it always easy to embody the ideals of what it means to be a recovery advocate. Recovery month as a whole promotes emerging research in the field. It also celebrates connections between members of the recovery community and the …

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Post It notes stating "share your story" to promote stories of change

Sharing Stories of Change in Recovery

Sharing stories of change and relating to others in recovery provides a sense of shared empowerment as you walk the path of abstinence and life change. Knowing that others have and are going through some of the exact same feelings, cycles of shame, and realizations can make all the difference in your ability to carry …

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Man sitting in grass with growth mindset

The Power of a Growth Mindset in Recovery

Have you ever thought of how your mindset can impact your life? The mood you are in, any fluctuations you experience and the state of your mental health can influence how you feel about yourself, how you regard your relationships with others and the quality of these relationships. Even your physical health depends on your …

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a group of people use yoga and other relapse prevention techniques

Relapse Prevention Techniques

Relapse prevention requires a plan of relapse prevention techniques that help you or your loved one stay clean and sober, and to successfully continue in recovery. The Promises Behavioral Health professionals understand that recovery is not easy and that relapse prevention is an ongoing part of recovery. We are here to help you through your treatment and …

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a person holds a ribbon and celebrates addiction recovery rewards

Addiction Recovery’s Most Unexpected Rewards

In honor of those celebrating recovery, we asked bloggers, recovery organization members, authors, and other who’ve made the journey from addiction to sobriety one simple question: “What’s been the most unexpected reward of recovery?” If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, the experts at Promises Behavioral Health know that the answers will help show what …

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rural farmland needs telehealth programs for addiction recovery

Addiction Recovery in Rural America

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Photo by Shep McAllister on Unsplash   I had the opportunity to briefly speak with Nikki King to get an understanding of how Promises Behavioral Health can further help our rural communities and what her recommendations are on how to handle this newly added isolation.   Addiction is one of the most difficult struggles that …

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a group of people clap and think about different recovery programs

5 Examples Of Different Recovery Programs

Just like no two people end up with a substance use disorder in the exact same way, there isn’t a single type of recovery program that is best for everyone. A treatment center that offers a range of different types of recovery programs is better able to tailor a treatment plan that better meets the …

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