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Month: November 2019

An open bottle of pills lies next to a syringe, symbolizing the difference between opioids and opiates

Difference Between Opioids and Opiates

People seeking help from opioid or opiate addictions find treatment in many different types of rehab programs. Traditionally, the majority of programs were based on the 12 step model, but in recent years, there have been more non-12 step rehab centers. This rise is because addiction is different in everyone, and not every type of …

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alcoholic woman laying down dealing with the physical effects of alcohol; she has been drinking

What Are the Physical Effects of Alcohol?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Millions of people in the United States die each year due to alcohol-related problems. Alcohol is one of the most devastating substances that people ingest. It’s overwhelming because the difficulties of alcohol are often overlooked and downplayed. Not everyone recognizes how detrimental the physical effects of alcohol are. Consequently, people who indulge in alcohol not …

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man increasing his likelihood of death by increasing the dangers of mixing cocaine and alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Can you mix cocaine and alcohol? According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there were about 1.5 million cocaine users across the U.S. in 2017, and 14.1 million adults had an alcohol use disorder. Many cocaine users mix the drug with alcohol, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right health choice. …

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woman staring at syringe facing the signs of drug withdrawal laying her head down on the table

Understanding Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that almost 25 million Americans by the age of 12 have used illicit drugs within the last month. Drugs and alcohol can change the way that the brain processes emotions and regulates someone’s mood. Continued abuse of drugs and alcohol leads to dependence. Once you have formed …

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opioid addict on the floor with opioids know she is part of the opioid epidemic statistics

Opioid Epidemic Statistics

Opioid epidemic statistics remain essential forms of data that various public health agencies collect to address the growing opioid abuse problem. Opioids in the U.S. statistics show us how the issue of opioid abuse has grown. Understanding opioid epidemic statistics helps pave the way toward finding solutions to a problem that has cost countless lives and …

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food at a sober thanksgiving

Sober Thanksgiving

Staying sober during the holidays is hard, especially if it’s your first sober Thanksgiving. Whether it is your first sober Thanksgiving or your twentieth, ways exist to help you through triggering events and temptation. For extra sober Thanksgiving support, many 12-step support groups have meetings about staying sober during the holiday season. If you need ideas on …

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A man gets ready to shoot up with heroin as he wonders how heroin affects the brain

How Heroin Affects the Brain

How heroin affects the brain is one of the reasons why it’s so dangerous to use regularly. Heroin adheres to and activates mu-opioid receptors in the brain that regulate hormones, pain, and other feelings. When they are activated, they release dopamine, causing the individual to think they’re happy because of the use of heroin. There …

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Drug supplies and alcohol lie on a table, symbolizing the myths about drugs

Myths About Drugs

Drug addiction treatment centers are asked many questions by people who are considering seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one. Many of these questions come from some myths about drugs and addiction. Often these drug myths stop a person from seeking help when they need it. Let’s take some time to explore the most …

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a group of people sit in a circle at a 12 step program for addiction

Benefits of the 12-Step Program For Addiction

Historically, the 12 step program for addiction, whether it is alcohol or drug addiction, has been a successful method of recovery from substance abuse for many people. One reason why it’s useful is because it’s usually free; donations often support 12 step programs. Another reason why the 12 step program for addiction is effective is …

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head in your hands from marijuana and anxiety

Marijuana and Anxiety

Marijuana is as widespread as ever, thanks to changing laws and social attitudes. What you and many Americans may not know is that marijuana links directly with increased anxiety. If you smoke weed and suffer from anxiety, look into inpatient anxiety disorder treatment centers. Read below to learn more about marijuana and anxiety. Marijuana: Chemicals and …

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