a doctor talks to a woman about children of anxious parents

Children of Anxious Parents More Likely to Develop Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading mental illnesses in the country today. Nearly a third of American adults struggle with this debilitating mental illness. Unfortunately, new research indicates that children of anxious parents are more likely to also suffer from anxiety. As a result, many of these children, teens, adolescents, and young adults may also…


Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment: A Strong Care Option

When addiction strikes, you need to find a treatment program that will provide you with the best chance of recovery. For example, partial hospitalization for addiction treatment is becoming a popular option for many who can’t handle the demands of inpatient rehab but who need more specialized care than that provided in outpatient centers. As…

a young woman looks up as she holds pills and thinks about statistics on teen substance abuse

Important Statistics on Teen Substance Abuse to Keep in Mind

Drug abuse is a problem that often starts at a young age – typically during the teen years. And while drug use has been decreasing slowly over the years, many teens experiment with drugs every year and can trigger lifelong addictions. The most recent statistics on teen substance abuse, therefore, are essential to consider for…

a man hangs his head as he considers anxiety treatment in covid-19

Anxiety Treatment and COVID-19

Anxiety disorders affect millions of people across the U.S. Experiencing anxiety in this uncertain time, when coronavirus continues to spread around the country, potentially results in worsening anxiety among people with an anxiety disorder. Professionals are also seeing new cases of individuals with anxiety, leading to more people needing individualized anxiety treatment.  You do not…