A woman puts her hands to her head after researching anxiety and workplace mental health statistics

Anxiety and the Workplace: Mental Health Statistics

While anxiety and workplace mental health statistics don’t seem to have much in common, that appearance is deceiving.  Those of us who suffer from anxiety disorders know all too well that this condition can exacerbate or interact negatively with daily stress at work. It’s estimated that one-third of American adults have experienced anxiety at various…

A woman talks to a nurse about how outpatient rehab programs work

How Do Outpatient Rehab Programs Work?

Are you wondering how outpatient rehab programs work? Outpatient treatment allows clients to live at home, continue to work or attend school and fulfill other personal obligations. Recovering individuals attend group and individual therapy sessions each week. They meet regularly with a psychiatrist for medications to manage withdrawal, cravings and any existing mental health issues.…

Brain scans show the relationship between addiction and dopemine neurotransmitters

Addiction and Dopamine Neurotransmitters: How Addiction Works

A number of scientific studies have revealed the complex workings of our brain’s motivation and reward center and how neurotransmitters, often referred to as the brain’s “feel-good chemicals,” are released when we desire something or experience pleasure. Our brains produce numerous natural neurotransmitters that play critical roles in our health and how we feel. The…