a man wondering what is equine assisted therapy

What is Equine-Assisted Therapy?

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the definition of equine is “of, relating to, or resembling a horse or the horse family.” It follows, then, that equine-assisted therapy involves horses. But what is equine-assisted therapy? There are distinctive types of equine therapy, but they all involve the use of horses. There’s equine-assisted therapy (EAT), equine-assisted…

a doctor discusses mental health and physical health with a patient

Mental Health is Important for Overall Physical Health

There has always been a connection between mental health and physical health. However, recently, experts have taken the time to research this connection. Accordingly, they have discovered that taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your physical health. If you need assistance to ensure that both can thrive,…

a therapist discusses the results of parents accommodating ocd

Parents who Accommodate OCD Behaviors May Worsen the Condition

As parents, we want to do what is best for our children. However, when mental health conditions come into play, the “best thing” may not always be clear. For instance, for parents whose children struggle with OCD, working with them, and accommodating their needs may seem ideal. After all, it’s all about making sure that…