a man looks at a burger and an apple and wonders if he needs eating disorder treatment

Treatment for Eating Disorders Part 1 – The Initial Steps

Eating disorders are some of the most frequently diagnosed mental health conditions.  Although many people associate them with adolescent and young adult females, they actually impact a much greater demographic.  Eating disorder therapists and treatment facilities see a wide range of individuals, including males of various ages and backgrounds, middle-aged women, athletes, and even children.…

a little girl plays with her coloring books as her parent looks for signs of mental illness in your child

Recognizing Signs of Mental Illness in Your Child

When something just doesn’t seem right with your child, your first reaction is most likely to check to see if there’s something physically wrong. But once you’ve ruled out, or taken care of, any apparent physical reason for your child behaving markedly different, you may wonder if there’s a psychological cause. While there’s usually another…