Genetic Cause of Fetal Alcohol-Related Developmental Disorders Found

A new animal study found a specific genetic cause of fetal alcohol-related developmental disorders. When pregnant women consume alcohol, the genetic processes that control thyroid hormone levels in the fetal brain are interfered with. Fetal alcohol exposure can cause neurodevelopmental disorders such as emotional behavioral disorders and deficits in learning, memory, and speech. Past animal…

a doctor discusses the connection between stress and cocaine relapse with a patient

New Clinical Director at Promises’ West Los Angeles Campus Creating Robust Clinical Team to Enhance Addiction Treatment Program

Jason Levine, Ph.D. has developed a three-pronged approach to addiction treatment that includes a twelve-step foundation, relapse prevention, and group treatment for anxiety and depression. Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) June 2, 2009 — Nestled in a quiet West Los Angeles neighborhood, the original Promises facility has, for over twenty years, offered a safe and effective…