Research Finds Better Ways to Predict Violent Behaviors

New research shows that diagnosing severe personality disorders, evaluating the childhood environment, assessing alcohol consumption, and analyzing the MAOA genotype may provide more accurate means for assessing risk among violent offenders, according to the Finnish research carried out jointly at the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki University Central Hospital Psychiatry Centre.

Study Analysis Finds Gene Variation Associated with Increased Depression May Not Provide Link

Much of the effective treatment of depression lies in the accurate identification of its origin and triggers. While stressful life events are an obvious trigger, a specific gene variation that has been identified as increasing the risk in conjunction with stressful life events may actually have no impact at all. This surprising finding is the…


New Test May Be Able to Quickly Predict Accuracy of Anti-Depressants for Individuals

Treating major depression is not a quick fix—it is a long, slow journey to restoring mental health. Although many antidepressant medications are available, no single biomarker or diagnostic test exists to predict which one is right for an individual. As a result, for more than half of all patients, the first drug prescribed doesn’t work,…

a woman wonders why those who need treatment don't receive it

New Study Explores Postpartum Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

When a new mother suffers from postpartum depression, she may experience thoughts of committing suicide. A new two-year study found that for women contemplating taking their own lives, the mother-infant relationship and development was a negative experience, accompanied by mood disturbances, low maternal self-esteem, negative perceptions of their effectiveness as parents, and noticeably less responsiveness…