Teens in the park and cannabis use, it's not just weed

When It’s Not “Just Weed”

Most everyone has a desire to escape, relax and reward themselves occasionally. These are essential parts of a high-quality life. However, unfortunately, many who live with an addiction usually don’t know how to do those things without using and abusing substances. The truth is, many of these individuals have never known anything different, and the…

Man at computer for his online support for recovery

9 Benefits of Online Support for Recovery

Indeed, online support for recovery is available. Since the turn of the century and the decades following, we have witnessed a massive shift in our world. In the last year alone, our lives have become seemingly dependent upon our internet connection, as technology has become the platform where we work, play, learn, exercise, and socialize.…

mental well-being thistle farms

Giving the Gift of Mental Well-Being with Thistle Farms

For mental health month, Promises Behavioral Health is honored to partner with Thistle Farms, local mental health and recovery leader whose mission is to provide a sanctuary for women recovering from sex trafficking, abuse and addiction. For over 20 years, Thistle Farms has impacted the mental well-being of Nashville and the surrounding areas. The organization…