The Promise of Change After Active Addiction

Addiction and substance use disorder (SUD) can completely take over someone’s life. Even to the point where things seem hopeless, and the promise of change feels worlds away. The deterioration may occur slowly, but addiction is an absolute beast, especially when combined with any other coexisting mental health issues.  Deep in the throes of active…

Woman talks to friend about the importance of emotional intelligence skills in drugs and alcohol recovery

Most Important Emotional Intelligence Skills in Recovery

Emotional intelligence skills in recovery involve a specific type of knowledge referring to how well someone can perceive, communicate and evaluate emotions. Individuals recovering from an alcohol or drug dependency or addiction may find it especially helpful and healing to practice emotional intelligence, considering that in the past, they used to rely on alcohol or…

Happy family that establish healthy boundaries celebrates

How to Establish Healthy Boundaries With Your Family During Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction, substance abuse, trauma and mental illnesses can significantly impact the quality and dynamics of family relationships. When individuals go to treatment and work toward reclaiming their life from behavioral issues, mental illness or substances, their relationships require similar attention. Healing family relationships and improving them so that communication and interactions are…